English to Malayalam Meaning of pale - വിളറിയമുഖം

Pale :

മങ്ങിയ, വിളറിയമുഖം, പുണ്യമായ, ഛെഎര്ലെഷ്, ഫ്ലബ്ബ്യ്, തുരുന്വിച്ച, ഇരുണ്ട, ഭയാനകമായ, തളര്ന്ന, മഞ്ഞപ്പിത്തം, മഞ്ഞ വെള്ള, വെളുത്ത, പിംപിന്ഗ്, മണമോ, കറുത്ത, മുൻഭാഗം, വതെരിശ്, ക്ഷയിച്ചു, രിച്കെത്യ്, ദുർബലമായിരിക്കും, ഭിത്തികളിൽ, ഓഫ്-നിറം, വാൻ, വിളര്ച്ച, ഫൾവസ്, ചെളി-നിറമുള്ള, പല്യ്, സല്ലൊവ്, മുരളീ, അന്നയെയും, ഉണങ്ങിയ, രക്തരഹിത, തവിട്ടു, വേലി, ഇരുന്വഴി, മോതിരം വേലി, തടസ്സമില്ല, സുഖമാണോ, ഗജം, പരിധി, പരിമിതപ്പെടുത്താതെ, അതിർത്തി, വര, അളക്കും, പ്രദേശം, ജില്ല, സ്ഥലം, ഫീൽഡ്, പലിന്ഗ്, പരിധിയിൽ, ആമ്പിയന്റ്, അതാണ്, ബന്ധിത, അഴുക്കായ, അശുദ്ധമാക്കി, ബെഫൊഉല്, ബെസ്മിര്ഛ്, വൃത്തികെട്ട തീർന്നിരിക്കുന്നു, മലിനമായി തീർന്നിരിക്കുന്നു, നാറും, തുരുന്വ്, ദെചൊലൊരിജെ, ദിസ്ചൊലൊഉര്, കാലക്ഷേപം, വാടിപ്പോകുന്നു, സൽപ്പേര്, വിളറിപ്പോകയുമില്ല

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Definitions of pale in English
Noun(1) a wooden strip forming part of a fence
Verb(1) turn pale, as if in fear
Adjective(1) very light colored; highly diluted with white(2) (of light, or wan(3) lacking in vitality or interest or effectiveness(4) abnormally deficient in color as suggesting physical or emotional distress(5) not full or rich
Examples of pale in English
(1) Even the unions are a pale imitation of what they used to be.(2) Simply put, there is little in these songs which makes them seem anything more than a pale imitation of the styles they try to emulate.(3) Tess turned a pale shade of green and retreated, with Aurelia following behind.(4) He had a pale complexion a narrow face and thin lips.(5) She was very pale , and the color of her hair made her skin look muddy.(6) The dark red fruits contain a pale green, sweet, and juicy pulp.(7) Matt turned to Hannah, who was looking an unattractive shade of pale green.(8) She peered at herself through the mirror in front of her bed, sighing in frustration as she saw her eyes were still the same annoying pale shade of green.(9) A narrow pale is more likely if it is uncharged, that is, if it does not have other objects placed on it.(10) Even the less worthy side of the public world seems like a pale imitation of its former self.(11) It doesn't matter that this year's finalists are a pale imitation of the class of '03.(12) Most of the hunt officials I have spoken to concede that hunting in Scotland today is a pale imitation of the sport they once knew.(13) Looking at her closer, he notes her sallow eyes and pale complexion.(14) But she knew that in bright light, those eyes would turn such a gorgeous pale colour of green.(15) She is in shock, and her pale complexion is becoming more and more flecked with blood.(16) The pale is an ordinary, consisting of two perpendicular lines.
Related Phrases of pale
(1) pale blue ::
ഇളം നീല
(2) pale green ::
വിളറിയ പച്ച
(3) pale face ::
വിളറിയ മുഖം
(4) pale pink ::
ഇളം പിങ്ക്
(5) beyond the pale ::
അനുവാദം തരികയും
(6) turn pale ::
വിളറിയ തിരിഞ്ഞ്
(7) very pale ::
വളരെ ഇളം
(8) turned pale ::
ഇളം തിരിഞ്ഞു
(9) pale-yellow ::
1. white ::
2. light ::
3. dim ::
4. feeble ::
5. pallid ::
6. wan ::
7. stake ::
8. boundary ::
9. picket ::
11. decrease in importance ::
പ്രാധാന്യം കുറവുണ്ടായത്
12. blanch ::
Different Forms
pale, paled, palely, paleness, pales, paley
Word Example from TV Shows
But its most stable state is plus-two,
which is usually pale pink.

But its most stable state is plus-two, which is usually PALE pink.

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 4

with stalks as pale as milk
that glow in the night.

with stalks as PALE as milk that glow in the night.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 2

onto her pale,
slightly hunched shoulders.

onto her PALE, slightly hunched shoulders.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 23

...but that behavior is beyond the pale
and cannot be tolerated.

...but that behavior is beyond the PALE and cannot be tolerated.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 6

You know the pale blue
of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber?

You know the PALE blue of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber?

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 5

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