English to Malayalam Meaning of first - ആദ്യം

First :


ആദ്യം, കന്യക, പ്രീമിയർ, പ്രാഥമിക, ഒന്ന്, പ്രധാന, സർവ്വപ്രധാനമായ, പ്രിൻസിപ്പൽ, കീ, യഥാർത്ഥ, ഭ്രൂണ, മൗലികമായ, ഭൂണം, കേന്ദ്ര, മികച്ച, താളം, എലവേറ്റഡ്, നല്ല, ദയയുള്ള, മുൻ, മുൻകൂർ, മുന്നോട്ട്, ആദിമമായ, ഭക്തിസാന്ദ്രമായ, അനാദിയായ, മുഖ്യമായ, പാകൃതമായ, കഴിഞ്ഞ, കിഴക്കൻ, മുൻഭാഗം, പ്രമുഖ, നേതാവ്, അതിതീവ്രമായ, മുൻകൂറായി പണമടച്ച, മൂത്ത, മുൻകൂട്ടി മാറാവുന്ന, പ്രിമെവല്, അനുയോജ്യമായ, വീഴ്ത്തി, ഗ്രാൻഡ്, പരമപ്രാധാന്യം, കേവല, അന്തിമമായ, മഹത്തായ, അതിശ്രേഷ്ഠ

ആദ്യം, ആരംഭത്തിൽ, മുന്നിൽ, എല്ലാ മുമ്പ്

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Definitions of first in English
Noun(1) the first or highest in an ordering or series(2) the first element in a countable series(3) the time at which something is supposed to begin(4) the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed at first of the bases in the infield (counting counterclockwise from home plate(5) an honours degree of the highest class(6) the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving
Adjective(1) preceding all others in time or space or degree(2) indicating the beginning unit in a series(3) serving to set in motion, or maiden(4) serving to begin(5) ranking above all others(6) highest in pitch or chief among parts or voices or instruments or orchestra sections
Adverb(1) before anything else(2) the initial time(3) before another in time, space, or importance(4) prominently forward
Examples of first in English
(1) One of its first orders is to set up special tribunals to try members of the former regime.(2) Monday, the first of August(3) For the first time ever, local people have been given a forum to express their views.(4) I am now discovering the merits of a leisurely breakfast for the first time ever.(5) after the first live programme(6) If anything is to be learned from the whole sorry affair, it is that the child must come first .(7) There is no life story without fiction, but the story, your life, should come first .(8) she contacted me first thing(9) I am a driver myself and I know how difficult it is to park in these streets but surely lives must come first .(10) Sumire sighed, used to the routine she had undergone all during first through eighth grade.(11) The aims and compass of this edition have not changed from those of the first .(12) I don't have the first idea what happened(13) ladies first(14) feet first(15) Schoeman ranked first in the world last year in the 50 meter long course.(16) He is the first to admit, however, that this is more an act of God rather than a life plan.
Related Phrases of first
(1) first name ::
പേരിന്റെ ആദ്യഭാഗം
(2) first of all ::
(3) at first ::
(4) first aid ::
പ്രഥമ ശ്രുശ്രൂഷ
(5) first time ::
(6) the first ::
(7) love at first sight ::
ആദ്യകാഴ്ചയിലെ പ്രണയം
(8) first floor ::
ഒന്നാം നില
(9) first aid kit ::
പ്രഥമശുശ്രൂഷ കിറ്റ്
2. fundamental ::
3. foremost ::
4. top ::
5. beginning ::
6. maiden ::
7. world-class ::
വേൾഡ് ക്ലാസ്
8. at first ::
9. before anything else ::
മറ്റെന്തെങ്കിലും മുമ്പ്
10. in preference ::
11. first off ::
12. foremost ::
13. for the first time ::
14. novelty ::
15. start ::
16. first gear ::
ആദ്യ ഗിയർ
18. first base ::
1. final ::
2. last ::
3. latter ::
4. terminal ::
5. ultimate ::
Different Forms
first, firstly, firsts
Word Example from TV Shows
my first time with Bernie.

my FIRST time with Bernie.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 8

Just look.
See, this first question makes no sense.

Just look. See, this FIRST question makes no sense.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 5

King of the Andals and the First Men,

King of the Andals and the First Men,

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 6

The first Faceless Men.

The FIRST Faceless Men.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 5

We'll be the first creatures
in this world
to make a real choice.

We'll be the FIRST creatures in this world to make a real choice.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 9

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